Keylogger Plus - Free Spy Software for Home and Office - Computer & Internet Monitoring Software, Activity & Keystroke Logging Tool

Keylogger SoftwareKeylogger Plus lets you know what other people do on your computer in your absence.

Use Keylogger Plus to:

●    Control and limit your kid’s activity on the Web
●    Control the use of confidential information
●    Monitor the activities of other persons, including your family members, on the computer
●    Log your and your employees’ activities (for restoring data)
●    Do other legitimate tasks



Simple Installation

You don’t need any special knowledge or skills to install Keylogger Plus. Anyone — even a novice user — can install it. Download keylogger now!

Invisible Mode

For best results, the application can run in invisible mode, so that it will be nearly impossible to detect it in Windows. Keylogger Plus has been thoroughly optimized to consume very little of computer resources and run just fine even on a low-end PC.

Total Control

Keylogger Plus collects data about running programs and visited web sites, logs ICQ, Skype, MSN, and Yahoo conversation history, saves clipboard contents, takes snapshots, and analyzes the user’s activity.


You can generate a report on any kind of activity and for any period at your convenience. The report can be easily saved in the PDF format. Moreover, you can set up periodic sending of Keylogger reports to your email box.


You can password-protect access to the application.


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